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700th Millennium Community
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The Hutterites' Green Acres Farm is the largest solar system in Western Canada
which powers a recycling plant, farm operations & residences.

About Us

Majority of the world's Christian-Messianic churches, congregations, missions, Bible study classes including the men and women's breakfast clubs, religious educational institutions and organizations, NGOs, and individuals in the First and Second World have chosen to ignore the realities of human life. The leaders have preached or talked about them through the podium, radio and TV networks. They have preached by writing the web pages for the worldwide Internet readers, by sharing, posting, and commenting in the social networks, and publishing for the print media readers.

But, some of them have no foresight or vision for the future generations outside of the church buildings, classrooms, auditoriums, meeting rooms in the restaurants, and outside of the conference and retreat centers. They have no concerns, no interest in the actual recycling of the tons of garbage and trash scattered in the canals, creeks, rivers, lakes, beaches, seas, and oceans. They have ignored the over $65-million per day of wasted energy, wasted human resources, and wasted time spent commuting due to the heavy traffic in Metro Manila, for example, where the estimated 15-million residents have been inhaling the smog or polluted air 24/7, 365 and ¼ days a year.

They have done nothing to stop or reduce the utilization of the limited natural resources, illegal mining of the sand and gravel in the seashores, the openings of the creeks and rivers perpendicular to the seacoasts. They have done nothing to stop the on-going reclamation projects on the coastal zones while the 2-mile thick ice on top of Antarctica is melting, in addition to the frequent, severe and extreme geological and weather-related catastrophes. They have done nothing to stop the shrinking living environment due to overpopulation; there is no space to build the public parks for the people to enjoy nature in the cities and towns in the developing, Second and Third World countries. They have been preaching but doing nothing positive to stop or reduce the never-ending conflicts, crises, and small wars globally. Today our global population is over 7.75-billion and counting!

The so-called religious people in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd World nations are still patronizing the gasoline, diesel and other toxic fuels despite the facts that the free energies, electricity, alternative, cleaner and renewable fuels have been available since over 100-years ago! The famous Tesla Motor company has announced that its patents are now open for the public to utilize its electric car technology. There is no more reason for those who can afford to buy or trade-in for a new car not to patronize the electric-powered vehicles.

Over 4-million Filipinos immigrated to the U.S.A. & thousands more travel as
Overseas Filipino Workers to dream big like those of their "idols" in the
movie, TV & entertainment industries in Los Angeles!

The 99% poor and average people in the Philippines and those in other countries are still dreaming, wishing and hoping to emulate the standards of living of the movie, TV, music, sports, entertainment, other famous celebrities and very important persons around the world. The poor persons and the average ones have no time to learn to discern the real cause of their sufferings: that the “powers that be” have been manipulating and controlling their lives. That the “powers that be” are dividing and conquering. That they are causing the never-ending conflicts, crises, and wars and are continually roaming around the world seeking whom they can devour. The poor and average people neither have the budget nor the time to prepare for the Signs of the Times, the intimidation strategies (example: the Chinese bullying and grabbing some of the islands west of the Philippines), the false flags and destructive man-made attacks, WMD, the ultimate Battle of Armageddon or World War 3, Great Tribulation, asteroids and meteors, Nibiru or Planet X, polar shift, Wormwood, 100-pound hailstones ...!

Some Christians live as squatters in the 15-million overpopulated Metro Manila.
The churches in big cities must help the squatters to relocate & build
them their self-sustainable communities in the rural zones.

Conceived as the ideal solutions to the problems of the Sabbath-observing, other Bible-believing Christians and utopian seekers, we in the 700th Millennium Community (a temporary name for lack of the best name and description for the entire Earth's inhabitants to identify with and understand) aim to pursue the establishment of the self-reliant, self-sufficient, self-sustainable communes, communities or cooperatives. We endeavor to follow the examples of the original New Testament Church. We intend to create job opportunities for the students, graduates and career changers, and to provide an alternative homeland to live in for safety and security far away from the non-visionary real estate developers in the cities, and towns located at low elevation from the sea level. The overpopulated metropolitan cities and large towns in the Philippines are unsafe to live in. Metro Manila is literally sinking!

Our region had suffered severely during the super typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda in November 2013, and due to the past and future catastrophes, the political and economic crises, the predictable Battle of Armageddon or World War - 3, the Great Tribulation, Wormwood, asteroids, meteors which the New Testament prophesied about 2000 years ago, and the predictions which were printed in reliable scientific publications, and the web bot technology, there are some individuals and groups that are "called out of this world" to prepare. Hundreds of other individuals are searching the past decades for something more meaningful to pursue in their daily and future lives. They are searching for something much better to work and live for, rather than being mere consumers and employees of the world's establishments and systems. They are seeking and hoping to know the "hidden truths" and what really is happening here, there and everywhere on Earth which only the few and the mighty know in this New World Order!

Top speakers on the Year of Disclosure, the annual event

Some people are keenly observing, continually updating their studies on various interests and subjects. Some are enjoying their hobbies and seeking new ones. They are hard-working and successful in their chosen careers and professions. Recognizing their inborn instincts, awareness and consciousness, sincere repentance, recognizing the need for baptism in full immersion underwater (to symbolize the total burial of the old self) in the Spirit and in Truth, they are studying seriously the Old and New Testaments, the Bibles' authors, origins, and timelines. They are studying predestination, the ancient civilizations such as Lemuria, Atlantis, Gobekli Tepe, world history, Bible-end times, the undisclosed and disclosed conspiracy files, resurrection against reincarnation, other subjects and topics from A to Z!

They are being called out of their worldly existence, challenged to search for the ultimate truths, but be independent of the elite establishments and systems to avoid being enslaved from them. The establishments are operating openly and secretly using their various "front" groups, organizations and individuals. They are continuing students of the Holy Bible. However, they know that the so-called original copies of the non-existent original manuscripts of the Bibles did not have chapters and verses; that the messages with chapters and verses can be quoted out of context. That there are words, phrases and clauses and entire verses in the New Testaments, for example, which were not found in the so-called original manuscripts. They are continually studying and utilizing many translations and versions, the various Bible handbooks and references.

They are following the works of Professor Bart D. Ehrman and his textual criticism on the New Testaments! He has mentioned in his best-selling books & live debates & presentations that the original manuscripts do not exist. Although they are lifetime students of the Holy Bible, they too are searching for proofs on the authenticity of both the Old and New Testaments. One well-known researcher who wrote many articles had conducted so many lectures and radio interviews, consulted with the movie and TV industries, Jordan Maxwell, said that the Bible could be a metaphor. They are continually learning about the new discoveries about the past, present, and future general knowledge and information. They do not subscribe to the exclusive ONE authority – prophet, apostle, church, religion, founder, researcher, scholar, radio/TV evangelist, etc. until the Creator Himself reveals the ultimate truths. Time travel, teleportation technologies, aliens, UFOs, IFOs, the underground civilization on Mars and inhabited planets in other solar systems have been disclosed! Thus, they are seeking to know all about life beyond the graves and in outer galaxies. They are always open minded!

Etchmiadzin Cathedral is the oldest church in the world & is the center of Armenian Apostolic
Church in Armavir, Armenia. It was initially built in 303 A.D. & rebuilt in 480 A.D.

The truth seekers know that the very first country in the world to adopt Christianity as her official religion is Armenia! It is not Roma or Italia. It is not Vaticana. "In 301 AD, Armenia became the first nation to adopt Christianity as a state religion, establishing a church that still exists independently of both the Roman Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox churches." Hundreds of the Christian-Messianic churches, congregations, and denominations in the Middle East, Africa, Russia, and the Federation, Scandinavia, Eastern and Western Europe, Canada, America, Central and South America, Asia, South Korea, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand, and other mostly Christian countries that are listed in the directory of Christian churches or the groups that claim their roots came from the original New Testament Church. There are over 40,000 churches and religions globally! Yet, they have no proofs of their direct link to the original New Testament Church in Jerusalem which started in 31 A.D./C.E. unlike that of the Armenian Apostolic Church!

One journalist based in Cebu City, the oldest city in the Philippines, wrote in The Freeman newspaper: "Just a few days ago, I saw a video presentation by CNN of religious analysts who claimed that organized religion is doomed to extinction, whether it is Mohammedanism, Judaism, Buddhism or Catholicism. As we are Catholics, I take comfort and refuge on what our Lord Jesus Christ said in Matt. 16: 18 'And so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock, I will build my church, and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it.' Indeed, this is our Catholic faith, the church established on this earth by our Lord Jesus Christ that will be with us till the end of time, regardless of what CNN and those other groups say about our religion."

Most New Testament Bible scholars agreed that Yahushua or Jesus was and is the Rock. The Savior was talking about Himself when He said "upon this rock," not about Peter. Peter was assigned to minister in the original New Testament Church in Jerusalem. Paul was the one who preached to Rome. The skeletal remains under St. Peter's Basilica was another Peter. Read the Holy Bible and the world's top encyclopedias for the facts on the history of Christianity, not the claims of the unconverted churches, unconverted interpreters or theologians, unconverted professors, unconverted authors, other unconverted scholars, and experts. Again, Armenia is the pioneer country in the entire Earth to adopt Christianity as her official religion, according to the Central Intelligence Agency's latest profiles on countries around the world!

The 700th Millennium Community has accepted some decades ago that Yeshua or Yahushua (Hebrew name) or Jesus is the One and only Being who died for the community residents' sins, and the rest of mankind. He is the only way, the truth, and the life, and no one can come to the Almighty Father except through Yeshua as far as the Bibles are concerned. However, there are no original manuscripts, no original papyrus, no original tablets of stones of both the Old and New Testaments! They too hope to have a family, to own the necessities of life, and to share them with others. They hope to live, study, work, travel, and do whatever they would like to, but recognize that they could be achieved through and according to His will. Furthermore, there could be other unknown paradigms to discover in the future and to learn from with the open mind.

Since Christianity was introduced in the Philippines in 1521 through Magellan and his mostly fellow European sailors and explorers that carried the Spanish flag, we do acknowledge some of our Christian education, history, and influences from them. We also take note that the University of San Carlos in Cebu City is older than the oldest American university, Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which also started as a Bible college. Therefore, we look up to our European roots on many subjects and topics on religion, education, other languages, good governance, economics, our plans on the self-sustainable community, etc. rather than from the American versions and teachings on Christianity, education, government, other establishments, and systems. For example: the Philippines learned the English language from the British during their occupation of Manila from 1761 to 1764. Had our country been in proximity to the Middle East and the apostles or followers of the early New Testament Church from Jerusalem visited us during the 2nd Century A.D./C.E., we believe that the Philippines will have been Messianic-Jewish/Israelite believers rather than predominantly Roman Catholic followers!

Our fellow believers and followers of Christ have been asking for the gifts of the Holy Spirit, Spirit Guides and some other names. We have been asking for the foresight and vision on the events and things to come, after decades of learning and unlearning the multitudes of good and bad experiences working unknowingly with the fake churches and religions, the worldly establishments and systems. We were then "blind" followers, members and students of the so-called Christian churches, congregations, the Bible study classes, educational institutions, missions, and other religious organizations, but now we have different perspectives on the world around us.

Thus, we are planning, organizing, and searching for financial partners that are interested to establish the real Bible-based, self-sustainable commune, community or cooperative in the Philippines, and perhaps in other countries according to His will. We are seeking contacts with others, hoping and praying that the successful and growing Sabbath-observing, Messianic, and the biblical intentional communities in some states and countries would assist or partner with us so as to jump-start our projects in our home island.

We are baptized members and regular visitors of our former affiliations - the Roman Catholic Church, diverse Protestant churches including the Sabbath and Sunday-observing assemblies, churches, congregations, Bible study groups and other religious organizations. For instance, this disciple had attended and/or visited over 50 Christian-Messianic churches or organizations, camps and retreat centers, intentional communities; enrolled at 2 Christian colleges in the Philippines, 2 Christian colleges, and 3 state universities in the U.S.A. during the past over 50 years. We still visit the Roman Catholic, Protestant and Messianic churches, congregations, other religious organizations in the Philippines, U.S.A. and other countries.

We read and study the Holy Bibles from cover to cover. We are aware that there are no original manuscripts, no original papyrus, no original scrolls, no original tablets of stones, no original golden plates on the Words of our Creator in both the Old and New Testaments! We continually visit to learn at the bookstores, libraries, Internet cafes, museums and other sources of general information. We inquire online from the Library of Congress – The world's largest library! We prefer to read the study Bibles, parallel Bibles their origin and history: who wrote them and how the Holy Bibles were written and copied hundreds of times. We are interested to learn as much of the numerous versions of the Holy Bibles including those which the Messianic believers read, study diligently from and discuss about in their congregations. We continually search for the authentic, original, proven and/or remnant of the New Testament Church so as to affiliate and fellowship with them.

During the past over 30 years, we wrote and mailed over 750 letters to the world-famous TV and radio evangelists, movie and TV celebrities, some royal families in Europe and Scandinavia, past presidents and top politicians in the Philippines, and the United States of America as well as the foundations, charitable organizations, and well-known individuals in other countries. We wrote and invited them to consider being the donors, sponsors and/or partners with our proposed self-sustainable community. Few of them responded positively but only in kind words. However, they agreed that building the self-sustainable community is biblical as described in Acts 2:44-45; 4:32-35.

The proposed site would be somewhere in Maasin City, the fishing, agricultural, hilly, mountainous and small capital city of Southern Leyte - one of the country's over 7600 tropical islands (including the newly discovered ones) located in East Central Philippines. We would be using bicycles with battery-electric-driven motors, cars and trucks powered with free energy motors, electricity, H2O, ethanol and/or biodiesel fuel. Also, we would be using solar cells and other sources of energy with no pollutants. Leyte Island is one of the nation's top producers of geothermal-generated electricity!

We are what we exactly eat and digest! We eat the foods as described in Leviticus Chapter 11. We avoid eating genetically modified foods. However, we also recognize that at certain ages in our lifetime, we cannot eat the same clean foods as mentioned in the Holy Bible. We too suffer from diabetes, gout and other inherited diseases or genetic defects in body and mind. We avoid drinking water with fluoride and avoid using toothpaste with fluoride. We are aware of the toxic air we inhale because “they” are spraying chemtrails up in the sky. We including those that are living in the big cities and towns are forced to breath-in the polluted air and smog for the reason that millions and millions of the drivers, motorists, manufacturers, miners, industrialists, owners and the stockholders of the land, sea, and air transportation companies utilize the fossil-based fuels!

According to the Holy Bible and the history of the New Testament Church, the seventh day of the week is the Sabbath of the Creator of Earth (Genesis 2:2-3, Acts 13:14, 42-44; 17:2). Observing the right Sabbath is the SIGN between G-d and His chosen people through all their generations. The Twelve Tribes of Israel and the converted Gentiles were and are commanded to observe the Sabbath, celebrating it as the everlasting covenant. "It is a sign between Me and the children of Israel forever; for in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, and on the seventh day He ceased from work and rested" (Exodus 31:17). Even the animals and plants have to rest. Millions and millions of the "Christians" have nailed the Sabbath on the cross!

Aside from the weekly Sabbath, the 700th Millennium Community observes the annual holy days of the Old Testament (Leviticus 23:5-41). They are still binding today as they will be in the future. When the Messiah comes back to establish the Kingdom of Elohim on Earth, He will continue to observe the weekly (Isaiah 66:23) and annual Sabbaths in Jerusalem. Over 99% of the world's "Christian" population observe the Passover, weekly and annual Holy Days on a wrong day because they use the non-biblical calendar starting at the middle of Alaska and Siberia, rather than at the Garden of Eden dateline!

The so-called Christians that expect to be the "bride" when Jesus Christ - the "groom" - comes back to unite with Him will miss the big "wedding day." Most of the "Christians" around the world do not observe the Feast of Trumpets which signifies the herald of the Messiah's Second Coming. Therefore, the Messiah will punish the United Nations, New World Order including the Philippines' 94% Christian population (if they survive miraculously through the Seven Plagues, Battle of Armageddon, collapse of the global economy, Great Tribulation, Wormwood), and the millions of other survivors that do not observe the Feast of Tabernacles (Zechariah 14:16-19). Majority of them idolize their man-made feasts, holidays and other secular festivities, but not the Sacred Calendar (Lev. 23)!

The Creator's Sabbath for modern mankind first started at the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:2-8). It was made for Adam and Eve and the next generations for about 6000 years of recorded history. Each new day and a new month of G-d's Sacred Calendar began also at the same longitudinal line of Eden. It surely did not start at the International Date Line, which existed only in 1884 A.D./C.E. The holy Sabbath was made for Mankind, not for the fish and the whales in the mid-Pacific Ocean or mid-America and Russia boundary. The Sabbath-keepers and billions of the people working and living between west of the International Dateline (located in the mid-Pacific Ocean) and east of the Garden of Eden dateline had violated, and most of them are still violating the Sabbaths since its original observance was "lost" for 6 millennia.

Like few others around the Earth, we advocate and practice the biblical command: "This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers. If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth" (1 John 3:16-18).

The Earth before Adam & Eve. Karaism, the root of Judaism & Christianity. Contradictions, discrepancies, inconsistencies, etc. in the Bibles.

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We dedicate this webpage to our close Armenian friends whom we met at the
Bible Study groups & workplaces in California & Colorado.

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